William Scott Carreathers

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William Scott Carreathers

Executive Director, Office of African American Affairs

Subcommittee Member, Minority and Underrepresented Communities

“The Office of African American Affairs is valuable to this great state of New Mexico because this state is often referred to as the ‘tri-cultural’ state: Native Americans, Hispanics and White Europeans. Communities of color are often considered “statistically insignificant” and not reported in surveys or data because of ‘small numbers’ and thus unstable estimates. You can change that narrative. African Americans have a long-standing, and rich cultural presence in New Mexico. African American leaders in business, education, science, philanthropy and performing arts. African American culture has contributed to a blending of food, film, dance and music in New Mexican life. Our diversity is our strength.  Our brave African American veterans who served and continue to serve our Country deserve the respect, honor and their fair share of resources for generations to come.”

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