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Terrie Rodriguez

Chair Health Care Outreach Subcommittee


Executive Director, NM Alliance of Heath Councils

“Access to accurate and complete population data is central to the planning and coordination functions of health councils—especially in a resource-poor state like New Mexico, in which programs, policies, and resources are planned and implemented using U.S. Census data. The councils’ community roots, broad representation, and well-established infrastructure make the councils ideal vehicles for coordinating efforts to reach hard-to-count populations and geographic areas. The health councils are generally seen as effective and neutral planning bodies, allowing them to bring together diverse community sectors to accomplish community-wide goals.”

The New Mexico Alliance of Health Councils (NMAHC) is a statewide network created in 2010 to provide coordination, policy and advocacy, capacity building, and resource development to New Mexico’s county and tribal health councils. The Alliance is made up of 39 health councils, based in 33 counties and six tribal communities. The New Mexico Legislature created the health councils in 1991 as community groups to conduct local, community-based health planning and assessment. Health councils identify and prioritize local health needs and mobilize communities to address those needs.

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