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Kay Bounkeua

Subcommittee Member, Minority and Underrepresented Communities

Executive Director, New Mexico Asian Family Center

“Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian (APINH) communities have been a vibrant part of New Mexico for generations and have contributed immensely to our state through their rich histories, cultures, and languages.  Our communities deserve to be counted on the 2020 Census, and that will happen through embracing cultural and linguistic access throughout the entirety of the process.  Because the 2020 Census will impact resource allocation for the next ten years for NM, each of us has a responsibility to help craft a future that is inclusive of all of our children and families.”

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If you live in the United States, you are required by law to participate in the 2020 count, even if you recently completed another survey from the Census Bureau. 

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Achieving a complete and accurate count of all New Mexicans, requires the participation and collaboration of all New Mexicans to count everyone once, only once, and in the right place.


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